Who Am I:

I am a Senior Software Application Developer & Application Architect. My years in programming allow me to utilize my experience for a pragmatic approach to web, N-Tier platform and database development. I have a proven ability to adapt to diverse technical environments. I am comfortable working at all levels of technical deployment from large teams to individual efforts. My technology agnostic view allows me to reach across technology and platforms to find the best solution.

Core Strengths:

  • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • LAMP Stack (Php)
  • Frameworks: Symfony 2, Custom MVC, Rails
  • Single Page Apps(SPA); Knockout.js, Backbone.js, Angular.js
  • Perl, Ruby, Shell & WSH Scripting
  • Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Database Architecture & Development
  • Web Services; SOAP, REST
  • UX/UI; JavaScript, Ajax & JQuery
  • Web Based Data Visualization
  • .NET & ASP.NET Application Interfaces
  • User Story & Use Case Development
  • Detailed Application Architecture & Design
  • Agile, SCRUM & Full Life Cycle Development, SDLC
  • Database Programming PL/SQL or T-SQL; triggers, stored procedures, functions & packages
  • Automated testing: PHPUnit, SimpleTest, Selenium & hand built testing scripts
  • Rapidly Learning New Technical Environments

Technology Profile:

Languages: Php, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, VB.Net, VB6, VBA, C, C++, C#
Development Tools: Cucumber, RVM, PHPUnit, SimpleTest, PDO, Symfony, MVC, REST, SOAP, GIT, Subversion (SVN), SOA, Jira, SharePoint, Confluence, Acunote
UX/UI Tools: JQuery, JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile, Ajax, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, Knockout.js, QUnit, Selenium, HTML5, CSS3
Databases: Postgres, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access
Database Programming: T-SQL, PL/SQL, Triggers, Stored Procedures, Functions, Packages